How to Cheat the Casino

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How to Cheat the Casino

Casino games and policies have a slight statistical house advantage. Combined with the flexibility of casino managers to kick out allegedly dishonest patrons, cheating the casino is an uphill battle.Statistical Advantage
Consider a coin-toss. Casinos essentially bias the coin to be, let’s say, 51 percent likely to end up in their favor. A given game can still end up with a good win for the gambler, as can several games. However, the built-in bias will inevitably play out with more and more coin tosses. The lesson is that if a system purports to outwit casinos, it should start showing some results with relatively few “coin tosses.” Otherwise, the built-in statistical bias in favor of the casinos is more and more likely to beat out whatever advantage a cheater may have.Card Counting – The Best Bet
This is a popular attempted scheme to cheat casinos. With lots of practice, a card counter can gain a slight edge over the casinos and make a profit as a matter of statistics rather than luck. However, casinos can legally throw in extra shuffles, extra decks and other means to confuse even the best card counters. As such, a skilled card counter’s best bet is to purposely lose enough here and there to defray suspicion and make his winnings seem as a matter of chance. This is perfectly fine. Many people walk out of casinos with a profit. Casino operators don’t mind as long as they believe that the gambler’s profits are a matter of luck, not learned skill. A card counter can purposely moderate his overall winnings in exchange for dampening suspicions and countermeasures by the casino operators. This is the best bet for those looking to beat the casinos.

Card counting liberally sprinkled with losses that defuse, but not negate, some of the gambler’s winnings seem to the best bet in countering casinos without arousing suspicion. Keep in mind that reliable card counting is not an easy skill to learn and implement, much more so when under the gaze watchful casino managers and with real money on the line. Nevertheless, other attempts to beat the casino will typically fail as the built-in house advantage takes over. Most other games don’t give gamblers the same amount of control over game outcome as do card games.